Planet Eclipse EMEK MG100 MAG-FED Marker

  • $449.99

The Planet Eclipse EMEK MG100 is the latest entry level Paintball marker to take the industry by storm!  Mag-Fed Paintball is one of the fastest growing aspects of the Paintball Industry and the MG100 satisfies all the needs of today's player including being compatible with First Strike Rounds!

The MG100 like the standard Emek, Utilizing the Gamma Core drivetrain bolt system it activated by a super-robust mechanical 3-way valve. The Emek brings the shot consistency, dynamics and feel of a modern hose-less high-end marker at an incredibly competitive entry-level price. It is lightweight, ergonomic, supremely reliable, smooth, efficient, quiet and robust. It’s simple to operate requiring no adjustments or tuning, just set the velocity, flip the safety latch to Fire, and go play.  It is compatible with the Planet Eclipse PAL Loader system allowing you to shoot at a high rate of fire with little chance of jamming the maker.

The MG 100 uses Dye Magazines that fit the DAM

The MG100 comes with 1 10 round magazine as well as 1 dummy magazine in case you want to use a standard loader system like the PAL or an Electronic hopper.